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Are you the head of a group? Maybe a leader of a local birdwatching organization, ski club or chorus? Are you interested in taking your members overseas for a beer, wine, chocolate or cheese experience? Contact Adventure Marketplace today! We’ll work with you to find the perfect destination, the perfect method of travel, and the perfect place to stay. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience!

Contact us for more details on how we can help you and your group plan your next adventure – We’ll reduce risk and stress, add value and convenience and make you look great!

Traveling the World with friends of Nancy

Once or twice a year, Nancy Dorrans, the founder of Adventure Marketplace, organizes an adventure for a small group of her friends and she welcomes you to join her! Previous destinations have included Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, and the Galapagos and the Burgundy region of France by river barge. Most recently she coordinated small groups of friends on global adventures to Namibia and Botswana and Iceland in 2017.  Looking ahead to Vietnam and Cambodia November of 2018

What is on your Bucket List? Keep your eyes and ears and open so you can us on the next Global or Local Adventure!

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Customized Groups

Maybe you’re a teacher that would like to travel with your students to the country of the foreign language you teach. Or perhaps you want to explore the sites, sounds and tastes of the cultures you teach so the classroom turns into an experience and comes alive for your students.

What better way to teach than by traveling to the very destinations from which their interests have sprouted? Adventure Marketplace will work with you and help reduce risk and stress, add value and convenience, handle all the group logistics to make it the best experience from start to finish for all. Your students will love learning through firsthand experience.

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