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Nancy Dorrans, a certified travel advisor with more than three decades of experience, founded Adventure Marketplace in 2014, but her love for travel stems from a childhood love for her grandmother, Bessie Macleod.

Bessie was born in 1893, on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and moved to America to marry Nancy’s grandfather, who unfortunately passed away when Nancy was four years old. Nancy grew up watching her grandmother correspond with her relatives in Scotland. On occasion, a light blue thin airmail letter would arrive. It was always exciting for her to find these letters in the mailbox and have her grandmother share the news especially if it was from her grandfather’s sister; Aunt Nancy. Aunt Nancy shared her name “Nancy Dorrans” as her maiden name. Visiting Scotland with her grandmother and meeting her Aunt Nancy became a childhood dream.

After high school, Nancy panicked – as many do – when confronted with the idea of choosing a college major. She didn’t know what she wanted “to be,” Then she heard about a local college’s Travel & Tourism course and realized that traveling could be more than a childhood dream. She completed the training and then began working as a travel advisor, and has spent the next thirty years consulting clients and introducing them to new cultures, new foods, new music, and new destinations.

Nancy on an adventure in Europe
European adventure!

Now, she also leads clients into authentic experiences, safely encouraging them out of their cultural comfort zone and into the genuine appreciation of another culture. She herself has found a sense of home in traveling, and wants to help others find this same sensation.


Nancy (right) and her Sister.
Nancy (right) and her sister Susan.

Travel can transform lives and change perspectives, and allows us to learn through experience. It shows us that people are different but also much like ourselves. It teaches us about cultural blending, and broadens our sense of place. We become part of a global community.

In 1985, when her grandmother was 92 years old, Nancy asked her if she would like to go to Scotland with her. It didn’t take long to convince her. On this trip she also met her Aunt Nancy of whom she was named. She considers this trip with her grandmother to Scotland her most memorable and cherished adventure so far. It fulfilled her childhood dream and catapulted her deeper into her career as a travel advisor.

Travel is her passion. It’s what she loves to do, and she is honored to have the opportunity to help you plan your next travel adventure. Working with her will help! It will reduce risk and stress, add value and convenience and increase happiness; transforming lives through the magic of travel…

Nancy on an adventure in Africa.


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The advice, incredible travel knowledge and understanding of what we as a family, look for in a vacation, are all strong traits that set Nancy apart from any travel advisor.

- Kris Murray

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