Our Mission:
Navigating travelers on authentic, nurturing, global and local adventures.

Our Vision:
Adventure Marketplace believes that everyone, from individuals to a large group, deserves to feel safe, guided, and nurtured when venturing forth to explore, discover, and expand their sense of self and space in this world.

Our Values:
Adventure Marketplace values your trust, together we seek to help you discover the  travel experience you need.

Our Promise:
Adventure Marketplace promises to listen, to serve, and to guide you on your journey.

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Check out Nancy’s 6 min  Pecha Kucha presentation from July 2016 – The Theme of the evening was Sense of Place. Nancy finds a “Broader Sense of Place” through travel










Travel can transform lives, change perspectives, and allow us to learn through experience. Travel shows us that exploring cultural differences, in people, food, architecture, music, even clothing ~ helps us accept one another and appreciate those differences as much as our similarities.  Travel teaches us about cultural blending, and broadens our sense of place. We become part of a global community.

In 1985, when her grandmother was 92 years old, Nancy asked her if she would like to go to Scotland with her. It didn’t take long to convince her. On this trip she also met her Aunt Nancy of whom she was named. She considers this trip with her grandmother to Scotland her most memorable and cherished adventure so far. It fulfilled her childhood dream and catapulted her deeper into her career as a travel advisor.

Travel is her passion. It’s what she loves to do, and she is honored to have the opportunity to help you plan your next travel adventure. Working with her will help! It will reduce risk and stress, add value and convenience and increase happiness; transforming lives through the magic of travel…

Nancy on an adventure in South Africa – May 2016

The advice, incredible travel knowledge and understanding of what we as a family, look for in a vacation, are all strong traits that set Nancy apart from any travel advisor.

- Kris Murray

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