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Welcome to Patagonia, a beautiful wild land at the southern tip of South America, Patagonia is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.
In this program you will find yourself immerse into different and surprising landscapes and you will also learn about the local life of its
inhabitants through its gastronomy and its everyday chores.
Allow the winds of Patagonia to sweep you away on an unforgettable adventure, where every moment unveils the true essence of this awe-inspiring destination that we love. Welcome to Patagonia, where dreams of discovery come to life.


You’ll arrive to Puerto Natales Airport. There you will find our private transfer
which takes you to Hotel The Veat in Puerto Natales City.
Welcome to Puerto Natales!
You are now in one of the southernmost cities in the world!
Living the charm of Puerto Natales is a must if you are looking to get to know
Chilean Patagonia in depth. In our city you will be able to complement the
wonderful excursions to the Patagonian nature with the soul of its people, its
varied gastronomy and its art, which will allow you to get to know our customs,
traditions and local culture.
Located 250 km northwest of Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales is located in front of
the Última Esperanza Sound between the sea, forests and Patagonian
mountains. The city represents the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park
and the ideal excursion base from which to visit a myriad of other outstanding
alternatives offered by Chilean Patagonia.
Walking along the Costanera de Puerto Natales (Waterfront) and observing the
wonderful landscapes that surround it is a great experience. The trail runs
through the entire city and on its sea edge you will get the best views of the
place. They are imposed by the sea and its abandoned docks, the Patagonian
hills and the local fauna where swans and flamingos abound.
Today’s accommodation is Hotel The Veat , conveniently located in the heart of
Puerto Natales, only two blocks away from the Costanera and two blocks from
the main square. Now you are free to leisure around Puerto Natales and watch
the magnificent sunset from the coast. We will have a welcome dinner at a local
restaurant with local products and exquisite food!
Night at The Veat Hotel

Parque Bahía Esperanza, is located in Puerto Natales, is a scenic natural park
known for its stunning beauty and diverse ecosystem. The park is situated along
the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains,
glaciers, and the vastness of the sea.
There are a vast net of well-marked trail through different landscapes, including
forests, wetlands, and coastal areas, visitor can appreciate lookouts, bird
watching, geography and flora watching, and can access them by different
activities options: hiking, horseback riding and e-bike to fully appreciate the
park’s natural splendor.
Parque Bahía Esperanza is a must-visit destination for those seeking to explore
the natural wonders of Puerto Natales and experience the breathtaking
landscapes of Patagonia.
Dinner will be served at a local restaurant, and then we will rest for another day
of adventure
Night at The Veat Hotel (B-BL-D)

*You can choose only one option per group
Today we will visit two incredible destinations, Laguna Sofia and the Milodon
Laguna Sofía (Sofia Lagoon) is nestled amidst the majestic mountains of the
Andes, offering breathtaking panoramic views and its crystal-clear waters reflect
the pristine natural surroundings, creating a serene and peaceful ambiance.
You will start the hike through Cerro Benitez in Laguna Sofía, The trail joins Laguna
Sofia with Milodon, crossing a Condorera (Condor Refuges), with a view of the fjord, glaciers
and Laguna Sofia. At the end of the trail we will move to the emblematic cave named
after the extinct mammal known as the Milodon, whose remains were discovered
in the cave in the late 19th century. The cave itself is a large natural formation
consisting of several chambers, with the main chamber reaching up to 30 meters
in height. It is made up of ancient sedimentary rocks and features impressive
stalactite and stalagmite formations. Visiting the Milodon Cave offers a unique
opportunity to step back in time, to observe replica of the Milodon and learn
about its lifestyle and the local indigenous people who coexisted with these
ancient creatures.
Dinner will be at a local restaurant in Puerto Natales, in one of the many
restaurants with excellent Patagonian fusion gastronomy!
Night at The Veat Hotel (B-BL-D)
Apart from the well-known Patagonian mountain and vegetation, Patagonia is
also renowned for its clear waters and its commitment to preserving its pristine
environment. With its vast network of rivers and lakes set amidst breathtaking
landscapes, it offers an exceptional fishing experience like no other. Today, you
are going to immerse yourself in this activity, fly-fishing. The remote and
challenging access to these waters makes fishing in Patagonia an unforgettable
adventure, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
In the waters of Patagonia, you’ll find a variety of resident and migratory fish
species, making it a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. The highly sought-after
Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) showcases its vibrant colors, while Rainbow Trout
and the elusive Fontinalis Trout grace these waters with their beauty.
Additionally, there are opportunities to catch migratory Sea Brown Trout and
impressive Chinook Salmon (depending on the season).
We provide top-of-the-line equipment for your fishing expeditions, including
Patagonia waders and boots, rods, and reels from respected brands such as
Sage, Redington, Douglas, Loop, and GLoomis. Our selection of local flies is
extensive, and we offer both floating and sinking lines from RIO and Scientific
Dinner will be at a local restaurant in Puerto Natales, in one of the many
restaurants with excellent Patagonian fusion gastronomy!
Night at The Veat Hotel (B-BL-D)

Today you will find our private transfer which takes you Torres del Paine National
Park. The route passes grand estancias and flat pampas with many possibilities
of spotting Lesser rhea (Patagonian ostrich), guanacos, and a variety of bird
Today we will embark on a captivating photo safari excursion, we will see
heartbreaking landscapes like turquoise glaciers and pristine lakes that reflect
the vibrant hues of the surrounding landscapes, walk along the border of Lago
Sarmiento & Juncos Lagoon which offers an exceptional backdrop for landscape
photos. We will also visit the beautiful Laguna Azul where you can observe a
different angle of Las Torres. As you venture into the heart of this untamed
region, be prepared to encounter a diverse array of wildlife, from elegant
guanacos grazing in the vast plains to majestic condors soaring through the sky.
Upon arrival, you may check-in to Hotel where you will spend your first evening.
Enjoy their regenerative garden, spa, bar, restaurant and other activities around
the Estancia.
Night at Las Torres Hotel (B-BL-D)

After breakfast, grab only your small daypack and your packed lunch. Now you’re
ready to begin the W Trek’s first highlight: the hike to the Towers lookout. A
challenging trek – you’ll ascend following the Ascencio River into the Ascencio
Valley. Here, take a moment to stop and observe the first glimpses of this
gorgeous valley, complete with beech forests, glaciers and waterfalls. Continue
uphill before beginning your ascent of the gigantic terminal moraine, 900 meters
above sea level. At the top, you’ll be rewarded by the remarkable sight of the
three Towers themselves. Rest a while, take photos and have lunch. Once ready,
your descent is along the same path, taking you back to Hotel Las Torres where
dinner will be served and where you will rest your second evening.
8-9 hour round-trip hike/22km
Night at Hotel Las Torres (B-BL-D)

Starting today’s trek, you’ll arrive at Inge Lagoon where chances are you’ll catch
condors and other birds of prey circling the skies above you. The well-marked
trail ascends 200 meters from the base of Almirante Nieto Mountain (2750 m),
crosses the Bader River and continue to today’s destination – Camping Los
Cuernos. Here, settle in, enjoy a good meal among fellow travelers, and rest
beneath the immense morraine.
4-5 hours hiking/ 13 km
Night at Camping Frances (B-BL-D)

Today’s hike is a challenging trek to heart of the Paine massif. The French Valley
is a spectacular natural basin surrounded by peaks and hanging glaciers. After
breakfast, request your packed lunch at the refugio and set off on a 2-hour hike
through a winding path to the French River. At the entrance to the French Valley
– a glacial moraine – you’ll scramble over huge boulders and catch the first sight
of the hanging glacier atop the valley. From this point, you’ll ascend for an hour
through a dreamlike Japanese garden landscape before arriving at the French
Valley viewpoint (the “Plateau”). Your reward is a heart-stirring bird’s eye view
of granite peaks and hanging glaciers. To one side, the French Glacier and Paine
Grande (3050 m); while to the other, La Espada, La Hoja, La Máscara and the
main and north “horns” of Los Cuernos arch upwards. In the upper section of
the Valley, Cerro Catedral and Cerro Fortaleza loom like turrets above the
Take your time to have lunch at the viewpoint, surrounded by these imposing
peaks and open skies. If time and energy levels allow, you can continue hiking
for an additional hour (1.2km) through the Valley to the British Camp (Britanico
Viewpoint) for yet another spectacular cirque (amphitheater-like formation) of
You’ll descend via the same path, back To Camping Frances.
8-9 hour hike/18 km
Night at Camping Frances (B-BL-D)

Today you will hike To Paine Grande, start hiking until you reach the valley’s
entrance, at which point you’ll continue around the south-west side of Paine
Grande, Torres del Paine’s highest peak. This final leg passes through native
firebush and evergreen beech forests to the shores of Pehoe Lake. Dinner will
be served at Refugio Paine Grande, next to Camping Paine Grande where you
will spend your third evening.
4-5 hours hiking/ 13 km
Night at Camping Paine Grande (B-BL-D)
You’ll set out early, ascending 200m through the winding path that takes us to
Laguna Los Patos. Here, you’ll see sections of the massive Southern Patagonian
Ice Field, a geological phenomenon that still guards many unexplored peaks.
You’ll continue on to Grey Glacier’s lookout point, passing forests and rivers,
with possible sightings of the spectacled and flightless steamer ducks that call
them home. You can have lunch at the lookout with the mammoth Grey Glacier
at our feet, and might be lucky enough to catch sight of ice calving from its huge
walls into the freezing waters.
After lunch, at 13:45 you have to walk for 10 minutes from Refugio Grey to Grey
beach where you will find big foot office for your Kayak excursion on Grey Lake.
This excursion takes you to the east side of the ice wall, where we have different
spots for an unforgettable experience. From the water you have the possibility
of finding yourself immersed in a unique landscape, surrounded by Paine Grande
Hill, the Olguín Mountain Range, the glacier itself, among many other panoramic
views. The duration of this activity is approximately 3 hours. Equipment, snack
and hot drinks included. Dinner will be served at the Refugio followed by an
evening of rest in Camping Grey spectacular area.
2.5 hour kayak excursion in Grey Lake
4 hours hike/ 11 km
Night at Camping Grey (B-BL-D)

This morning you’ll enjoy the ice hike on the Grey Glacier. At 7:45 am you have
to walk for 10 minutes to Grey beach where you will find big foot office for your
ice hike excursion that begins at 8 am. Make sure to take your backpack with
you and leave it in Bigfoot office, so you can be ready to check in in your Grey
Navigation after the Ice Hike and enjoy your packed lunch with plenty of time,
or if you want to get a quick shower after the excursion, leave your Backpack at
Grey shelter and take it later to Lake Grey beach.
The Grey glacier is about 6 km wide, has a total area of 270 km² and is divided
into 3 faces: west face, main face and east face. It is one of the more than 40
glaciers that are part of the Southern Ice Field, being also a place of discharge
of fresh water from it. This is an activity that lasts approximately 5 hours. The
excursion begins with the displacement through a boat, towards the island
embedded in the middle of the glacier. Once there, you begin a hike that can
last between 40 minutes and 1 hour until we reach the access to the ice. This
route is uphill in rocky terrain and has a medium difficulty.
Back at the refugio you should check in for the Grey Navigation. You’ll set off by
boat across Grey Lake, to the massive facade of Grey Glacier. You’ll stay here
for a while to observe the wall’s textures, lines and colors – and of course, watch
for ice calving. On your return journey you’ll see the wind-sculpted “ice
mushrooms” atop the massive peaks of Paine Grande, as we sail past blue-hued
icebergs. On dry land once again, you’ll hike 20 minutes along Grey Beach to
meet Hotel Grey, where you will do check in.
2 hours by boat on Grey Lake/ Reservation code: 141960
20 minute walk along Grey Beach
Night at Hotel Grey (B-BL)

After breakfast your transfer will be waiting to go our last day adventure!
Estancia Cerro Guido!
Through this full day activity, we invite you to participate for one day in the
Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation project. Where you will discover
Patagonia’s diverse typical fauna and the strategies Estancia Cerro Guido is
developing to achieve respectful livestock farming that coexists with the native
We begin with the puma research work on the ranch, participating in activities
such as observation with binoculars and review of camera traps. The tour
includes short walks without significant difficulty. We will also discover the work
of the sheep protection dogs and how they help the coexistence between
conservation and human activity. Lunch is included in the Estancia.
Night at Hotel The Singular (B-BL)

This your last day of your trip and we hope you had a wonderful time with us
Have a safe return back home!
We hope that as you bid farewell to Patagonia, all the memories of your
stay in our beloved land with its majestic landscapes and untamed
beauty stay etched in your heart forever, we hope to have you back
once again to embrace the wild spirit of this remarkable land and
discover other amazing corners of this faraway land that have yet places
to discover. Safe travels, and until we meet again in the land of endless

  • April 2nd- Arrive Puerto Natales – Dinner at local restaurant and Night at Hotel The Veat, STD room. (D)
  • April 3rd Full Day excursion at Parque Bahía Esperanza with activity (Hiking, Horseback riding or E-bike).  Dinner at a local restaurant and Night at Hotel The Veat, STD room. (B-BL-D)
  • April 4th Full Day – 2 options
    • Dinner at a local restaurant and Night at Hotel The Veat, STD room.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 5th Photo Safari excursion. Overnight Hotel Las Torres, STD room.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 6th Hike to Las Torres viewpoint.  Overnight Hotel Las Torres, STD room.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 7th Hike to Los Cuernos. Overnight in Camping Francés.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 8th Hike to French Valley. Overnight in Camping Francés.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 9th Hike to Paine Grande. Overnight at Refugio Paine Grande.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 10th Hike to Grey and Kayak activity. Overnight at Refugio Grey.  (B-BL-D)
  • April 11th Ice Hike at Grey Glacier + Grey navigation. Overnight at Hotel Lago Grey, Superior room. (B-BL)
  • April 12th Early pick up at Hotel Grey and Transfer to Cerro Guido. Full day Conservation Safari at Estancia Cerro Guido.  Overnight at The Singular Hotel, STD room (B-BL)
  • April 13th Transfer from Hotel to Puerto Natales Airport.
  • International airfare ~ purchased separately
  • Travel Insurance ~ strongly recommended
  • Items of a personal nature

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